We always strive to see our students succeed. Below shows some of our students voices that show how they feel about our sessions. We are humbled by their words and we are very thankful to be given the opportunity to serve.

  • Adrianne was a pleasure to work with, she always had a smile and truly cared about my success as a student.Keli (Physiology Major)
    Her knowledge of the topic was incredible and made the sessions very efficient and productive. She was very flexible and able to fit my schedule as needed.Keli (Physiology Major)
    She was very adaptive to my learning style and was able to find the gaps that were keeping me from learning the material.Keli (Physiology Major)
    She gave me not only much needed assistance with assignments and test prep but also strategies and tools for studying that were invaluable.Keli (Physiology Major)
    She knows her stuff, is very passionate and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. Also her flexible schedule fit right into my busy work and school days.Keli (Physiology Major)
    She’s must be a freaking Genius !! I had no idea of Chemistry when I started CHM 130..Chemistry must be her thing!Keyrie (Nursing Major)
    She’s worked so patiently with me and helped me understand everything slowly CHM 151&152.Keyrie (Nursing Major)
    My grades increased astronomically in the next two mid terms!! Finally, I’m confident that I’ll be able to get away with a pretty good grade..Keyrie (Nursing Major)
  • Adrianne is extremely fluent in all topics of chemistry. She was very patient with me when I wasn’t understanding and very accommodating.
    Alana (Nursing Major)
    Adrianne explained concepts until I could grasp them in a way that made me feel like I was talking with a friend.
    Alana (Nursing Major)
    I will always look to her if I ever need help with any of my chemistry classes.
    Alana (Nursing Major)
    On a scale of 1(knows nothing about chemistry) -10 (extremely knowledgeable) Adrianne was at a 10 in her understanding of chemistry.
    Alana (Nursing Major)
    Yes, she knows chemistry through and through and she will find a way to teach it to you so that she is confident that you understand it.
    Alana (Nursing Major)
    We agreed in a set time in the beginning and I later realized I could benefit from meeting with her more frequently, Adrianne was very understanding and accommodating.
    Alana (Nursing Major)
    I really loved how she was great with her general chemistry and organic chemistry. She helped me relax and gave me great guidance for my MCAT studying.

    Nicole (PrePharm Major)

  • Leon helps you find certain pathways to solve any problem.Kellen (Salpointe HS)
    The thing I liked most about my tutoring was that even though I was learning a ton, it felt like I was doing homework with my friend, which is what it should feel like.Kellen (Salpointe HS)
    Yes. I now have better studying habits and methods along with better knowledge of Math.Kellen (Salpointe HS)
    Very Very Advanced. The stuff I was struggling with was mere child’s play to him.Kellen (Salpointe HS)
    For Sure. He is very smart, friendly, and effective. Nobody can’t learn from this man.Kellen (Salpointe HS)
    He always manages to squeeze me in somewhere when I need him the most.Kellen (Salpointe HS)
    He was always prepared. He always had notebooks, whiteboards, and pencils.Kellen (Salpointe HS)
    The best. My grades dramatically improved over the course of my tutoring.Kellen (Salpointe HS)
    Very helpful regarding physics! Breaks down difficult problems and allows for description as to why each problem is dissected in a specific way.Kelsey (Pre-Med Major)
  • Gives realistic ways to look at problems. Visual and audio ways of learning !Kelsey (Pre-Med Major)
    I feel that is was more of the subject if physics that just was difficult for me to like and understand. Leon did a great job trying to further my interests.Kelsey (Pre-Med Major)
    At times the problems that needed to be done were just ridiculous in the level of introductory physics and took a lot of time to work through so this was frustrating at times.Kelsey (Pre-Med Major)
    Leon is an amazing tutor! Helped me all year long with physics. He is really patient and understanding with his students.Nicole (PrePharm Major)
    He explains concepts in a way that is very helpful with students. Leon has a great capability of teaching and explaining things in multiple ways in order to make sure his students understand whats going on. Leon also helped me with my MCAT studies.Nicole (PrePharm Major)
    Leon is great at many science subjects and has a lot of physics knowledge. He knows physics material very well.Nicole (PrePharm Major)
    I would recommend Leon to any students that need help with physics. He has helped me prepare for my MCAT and Physics II.Nicole (PrePharm Major)
  • Victor is a great tutor for biology and biochemistry. He helped me prep for my MCAT exam in the biology section.
    Nicole (PrePharm Major)
  • Gets the student to look at concepts that have been shown and then to try it on their own. Helpful guidance when reviewing for finals and tests.
    Kelsey (Pre-Med Major)
    Gives helpful shortcuts to concepts that may be difficult to be done with other techniques. Very knowledgeable about chemistry.
    Kelsey (Pre-Med Major)

If you’d like to drop us a feedback on how we’re doing, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Your input is very important to us and we always strive to better our services.