Do you know what are the 7 types of Sec 1 Algebra Questions?


  1. BODMAS rule is SUPER important.
  2. (a+b)2 is not the same as a2 +b2
  3. You cannot combine these two terms – xy is not the same as x

Algebra math questions can be scary when you are starting out in Sec 1. Check out the following 7 examples.

  1. Solve the equation – find out the value of the unknown. There can be more than 1 unknown especially after sec 1.
  2. Substitute – solve the equation after putting the given values in
  3. Factorise – find the HCM (highest common factor) and get a bracketed expression
  4. Expand – opposite of factorise. Multiply out to remove the brackets
  5. Simplify – may involve factorisation and expansion. Collect together same terms. 
  6. Make x the subject – rewrite the equation to be this format “x =…”
  7. Word problem – form an equation involving an unknown 

Have you mastered Sec 1 Algebra Questions?

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